About Me

Welcome to the Patriot Conservative Republican blog!

Being a patriot means we stand for the flag and kneel in prayer. God is first and the country is second. We are a Christian Nation. Not that every citizen is a Christian, but that our founding principals were based on Christian principals. Our Constitution says, “All men were created equal” This is the core of Christianity in that we are all equal in spirit.

Being a Conservative means that we look to the original definitions and intent of our founding documents. The Framers of the constitution were not shy about their intent when constructing our founding documents. There were the Federalists Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers that we can look to, as well as other documents, that provide thorough incite into the Framers’ thoughts on various issues. As Conservatives, we want a limited Federal government to ensure that the power remains with We The People.

The Republican party tends to be where Christians and Conservative minded people currently reside. If parties change in the future, our allegiance to the Republican Party will change as well.

This blog is about education, dispelling myths, analyzing current events and whatever else I feel like writing about at the time. Enjoy, Comment, Share!